Envirologix® Inc.

EnviroLogix® is an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of tests for the rapid detection of GMOs and mycotoxins throughout the worldwide food production chain.

Smart, user-friendly solutions are required when food and feed safety, seed quality and grain integrity are key concerns. We work closely with scientific industry experts and end-use customers to create fast, accurate, precise diagnostics that identify genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and mycotoxins. EnviroLogix® is a nimble company that moves quickly in response to market demands, with a focus on creating the most innovative and easy-to-use testing solutions available. EnviroLogix® also manufactures every test kit, so we are able to ensure consistent quality from initial research and development right through to manufacturing, packaging and delivery to customers. Our commitment to quality is reflected in superior products and a reputation for exceptional service and support.

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